BEYOND 2020 by Japanese Photographers #5

Unseen, Amsterdam, September 2017

Galerie Nicolas Deman, Paris, November 2017

I collaborated with IMA magazine and Lumix to organize the fifth edition of the BEYOND 2020 exhibition across two venues in Europe, in Amsterdam and Paris. 

Begun in 2013, the BEYOND 2020 project aims to present the work of a new generation of Japanese photographers on a global stage in the form of an exhibition that travels to Amsterdam, Paris and Tokyo. This exhibition is made possible by Panasonic Corporation and its brand LUMIX as well as the support of the Japanese magazine IMA.

With work by six young Japanese artists (Kenji Hirasawa, Kohey Kanno, Haruyuki Shirai, Junpei Ueda, Yosuke Yajima and Yusuke Yamatani) that are using photography in unexpected and innovative ways, BEYOND 2020 reveals the diversity and vibrancy of the contemporary Japanese photography scene. While many of them have radically different approaches—personal, conceptual, experimental—to their photographic practice, the works presented here are all concerned with identity and the crucial role photography plays in the formation, representation and preservation of identity today.