Stream, Issue 03, "Inhabiting the Anthropocene," November 2014

I copy-edited the third issue of Stream, a book-magazine that addresses contemporary questions through a multiplicity of contributions (essays, interviews and portfolios) from a variety of disciplines (philosophy, economy, geography or sociology…) and creative practices (contemporary art, design, experimental architecture…) to understand and shape the architecture and urbanism of tomorrow.

Press release:

Stream 03: Inhabiting the Anthropocene. Stream 03 is focused on the phenomenon of rapid urbanization of the planet, now synonymous with globalization. We live in a time of mutations : the population explosion concentrates the humanity in major global cities, making them the main venue for resolving challenges – between environmental awareness and ubiquity of digital technologies – for the pursuit of economic, social and sustainable development.

The term Anthropocene describes a new geological age, where human activity become the predominant geophysics force. The implications of this concept exceed the context of scientific debates. Stream 03 seeks conceptual tools for thinking out our urban condition at the age of Anthropocene.