Harmony, Chaos and Confusion: An Interview with Stephen Gill

Review of Scarti by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

The Eyes #2, Spring-Summer 2014

For the second issue of The Eyes magazine I interviewed Stephen Gill about his latest series Talking Ants and Best Before End as well as his publishing imprint Nobody Books. I also reviewed Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin's book Scarti published by Trolley Books.

Gill The Eyes1.jpg

"I've always compared [photography] to riding a bicycle: as soon as you know how to do it you don't think about it anymore. You can shake off all the things that you have been taught and just think about what you can articulate with photography and not about image-making and technique."

Stephen Gill


"Scarti is also about the book-making process itself: it invites us to consider the decisions made in producing a book and to question what differentiates an image bound into a book from one relegated to the scrapheap."