Camera Torino

Review of The Last Cosmology by Kikuji Kawada

The Eyes #5, Fall/Winter 2015

An article on the new photography space, Camera, that opened in Turin in October 2015 with a Boris Mikhailov retrospective. 

Review of Kikuji Kawada's book, The Last Cosmology, published by Mack Books (2015).

"A book in which the sun and the moon are the central characters, piercing through clouds, tracing their orbits through the pitch black of the night sky, and finally overlapping in the eclipses that form the book’s beginning and end. Kawada’s cosmos is not only celestial but earthly, made of dirt, of flesh, or of concrete. A frog crushed into the pavement, a bolt of lightning above the city, the knotted roots of an ancient tree: everything appears somehow connected and charged with symbolic significance."