Gursky goes small

© Andreas Gursky Having just seen a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition of large format prints it feels like the world has been turned on its head this week. Andreas Gursky currently has a retrospective on at the Vancouver Art Gallery in which he is showing 70 prints in "a small format that has not been used by the artist since the early 1980s." From the godfather of super-size prints, this is worthy of note. I am curious to know what a small format means for Gursky though... is he scaling down to 40 x 50" or does he really mean small? I am generally not a fan of the large print as they are too often used to disguise uninteresting images behind monumentality, but with Gursky I can't help but wonder whether his imagery will work in small sizes. From looking at images on the web, I find that a number of them become illegible or confused at on-screen sizes. If anyone sees the show in Vancouver, I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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