Mission Impossible

© Aurelien Dumont / The Impossible Collection

Please forgive the painfully unoriginal title of this post, but it does seem really appropriate. In a couple of days the aptly-named Impossible Project will begin to sell the first of their instant film packs for Polaroid cameras on their online store. Although there has been a fair amount of buzz out there on this for several months, it never felt entirely certain that they would really be able to save instant film when Polaroid decided to stop making it in 2008. At a time where materials for film photography are becoming painfully scarce, to the point where photographers are stockpiling paper or filling their freezers with film, it feels like a big deal that a company has found a way to actually start making new kinds of instant film. The British Journal of Photography has a feature on the new product launch and a few samples of images made with the new PX100 film.