Ryuji Miyamoto: the grass, the bugs

Ryuji Miyamoto, The Grass, Bugs and Sea Ryuji Miyamoto has just had an exhibition of new work at Taro Nasu Gallery in Tokyo's equivalent of the meat-packing district, Higashi-kanda. These new photograms are quite a departure from his earlier work on the destruction of architecture. Miyamoto had already begun experimenting with photographic techniques for his previous series Pinhole, for which he built his own camera obscura. I have written about these pieces before, and now that I have seen more of the work I find the series to be even more strangely beguiling. They are beautiful, but invested with a sense of foreboding... images documenting the beginnings of a mass extinction. For those, like me, who missed the exhibition, Taro Nasu will be bringing some of these photograms to Paris Photo next month.

Ryuji Miyamoto, The Grass, Bugs and Sea