Alexei Riboud @ Pascaline Mulliez

© Alexei Riboud Last night I made two discoveries within the Parisian photography world. A friend tipped me off to a vernissage around the corner from my place, so there really was no excuse not to take the five minute detour. Alexei Riboud, the son of the French photographer Marc Riboud, was showing his Durban Transit series at the new Pascaline Mulliez gallery. I found that the images got lost between a sense of the photographer stalking his subject and a certain confusion, as Riboud plays with scale and perspective, cutting out the horizon and giving those images a certain rushed, raw edge. Although his large colour prints do convey a certain insomniac restlestness amidst the eerie hues of the shipyard lights, unfortunately they made less of an impression than the space itself which is in the Cité Griset, a highly unusual block of vast artist studios that feels a lot more like New York's Chelsea than it does Paris. I look forward to seeing what is next in store here.