NY Photo Festival 2009 Round-up

Following on from my last post, here is one of the great things about photo-blogs: no sooner is the NY Photo Festival over than the reviews are already springing up all over the blogosphere. The picture I am getting so far is a bit disappointing. Don't worry, I won't be adding to the debate seeing as I don't normally review things that I didn't see, but here are a few of the comments I've come across so far.

One thing I do find strange is Daniel Power's responses to these comments (he is one of the organisers of the festival). He has been quick to respond to any criticism (including all of the posts linked to above) and I think it is normal that he should stand up and defend a project like NYPH, which is just getting off the ground in a pretty tough economic climate. That said, I find his responses a little too punchy, as if he is determined to refute every single piece of criticism, no matter how small. It seems to me like a missed opportunity for a young festival that is growing up in the age of the photo-blogosphere: this kind of free and informed feedback could help it find its feet.