Pot for potholes

One from the inbox: I received an email from husband and wife Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano with links to their pothole photography project. Sadly, I do not have a driver's licence, and therefore am unable to fully relate to the urban curse of the pothole. However, I have recently started watching Treme, David "The Wire" Simon's new series on post-Katrina New Orleans, in which the character Davis McAlary runs for mayor with the slogan "Pot for Potholes", so potholes have been taking up more place in my life of late.

Until Ficca and Luciano came on I had never realized the myriad potential applications for these simple holes in the road: a convenient place to crush grapes, great when all the dishes are dirty and you're looking for something to eat your bolognese out of, or just a handy outdoor laundry basin. In their hands there's not much that a pothole can't do.