Jean-Louis Tornato

Jean-Louis Tornato, Les sommeils Mrs Deane's post on Eduardo Serafim reminded me that I have been meaning to post on Jean-Louis Tornato's series, Les photographies du sommeil. The series is made up of self-portraits of Tornato sleeping with his partner throughout the course of the night. The images were made using an automatic timer, infra-red film and a flash that is invisible to the naked eye so they would not be woken up by the camera. The grainy, high-contrast results are reminiscent of the Provoke era aesthetic, but are driven by a desire for "scientific observation" of the many emotional and physical chapters of one night's sleep.

The series will be on show at Masato Seto's gallery in Tokyo, Place M, from December 7th to 13th. (Thanks to Seto-san who introduced me to Tornato's work).