Louis Porter: One Hundred Flowers

3_porter05 One of the nice discoveries I made during Paris Photo was a fellow blogger's foray into publications. Laurence Vecten who blogs at LOZ has just published her first photo-book of Australian photographer Louis Porter's series One hundred flowers. Porter photographed the floral displays that were brought in to beautify Beijing in the run-up to the 2008 Olympics. While his aesthetic is not dissimilar to Martin Parr's, I actually found this work more interesting than Parr's latest Luxury series. His accumulation of high-colour floral detail does a great job of conveying the gargantuan scale on which things get done in China and made me chuckle more than once at the PRC's efforts at government-controlled nature.

3_porter02The book is printed digitally (and well) in a limited edition of 100 and its design suits the subject and isn't afraid of packing several images to the one page. As Hester Keijser from Mrs Deane pointed out we can't all become mini Jeff Ladds, but it's good to see blogging leading to other projects like this one. You can see more spreads from the book and even get your very own copy here.