Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes, Animal Logic I used to live near this amazing taxidermist's shop in London called Get Stuffed. When I say amazing, I mean it: on top of cats, dogs, badgers, and a couple of penguins, they had a polar bear in the window. A while further back, during my student years, I made a few trips to Dublin's decrepit Natural History Museum to see creatures with an ear clinging on to their head with a piece of masking tape, or with their skin stapled back together to keep their insides from pouring out.

Richard Barnes' Animal Logic series reminds me of those times.

Miao Jiaxin

Times Square, 2006 Miao Jiaxin is from Shanghai but is currently living in the United States, completing an MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago. There is a great mix of work on his site, with some radically different approaches. The above image is taken from the 2006 series Times Square, "a juxtaposition of Shanghai and NYC created in film using only traditional exposure methods." I also suggest taking a look at Good Night New York; proof that this is a man who is willing to suffer for his art. Some of this work is for sale with a French online gallery, Wanted Paris, at very reasonable prices.

Eric Tabuchi

Eric Tabuchi

Eric Tabuchi is fond of the typology. He likes trucks, road signs, mobile homes, monuments, flowers, ruins and countryside skateparks. He even did a book called Twentysix Abandoned Gasoline Stations, an extension of Ed Ruscha's Twentysix Gasoline Stations and a vision of our post-gasoline future. Although my attention span for typologies is shrinking by the day, I found a lot to enjoy on his website.


© Nguan

Nguan is a photographer based in Singapore, who has been getting quite a bit of attention. His website has four groups of work: I particularly liked his Beijing and Shibuya series. This is the kind of work that convinces me that there is still a lot of interesting things to be done with 'street photography'.