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Wired's Raw File has just posted a list of their favorite photobloggers and eyecurious was lucky enough to make the cut. Pete Brook of Prison Photography, was behind this; he more than deserves his position on this list but was noble enough not to 'favorite' himself. This is a great selection which definitely doesn't just pick the most popular blogs; I'll confess to not knowing a number of the picks and I'm looking forward to trying to jam more bloggers into my poor RSS reader and heading down some off-the-beaten path information backroads rather than sticking to the 'superhighway'. The characterisations of the different blogs are spot on and the full cast of characters reads like the line-up for a vaudeville act. Aside from this list, it's worth keeping an eye on Raw File for "photojournalism, industry issues and cultural output (books, shows, etc)"... hopefully they can help us to look a little beyond the usual horizons of the online photo world.