Review: Tania Mouraud @ Dominique Fiat

borderland_front Just went to the Tania Mouraud opening at Dominque Fiat. Mouraud seems to have done some interesting installations in the past, but this show just seems ludicrous to me. A dozen (inevitably, predictably) large prints of 'landscapes' created by taking pictures of bales of hay wrapped in plastic. The invitation even has a picture of her taking these things standing in a field in her hiking boots. Not only is this not really an 'idea', let alone a 'concept' these feel like she took them all in one Sunday afternoon last time she went down to her country house with the kids. From the press release (my translation): "For her, the Borderland series is also based around the idea of using an ordinary, everyday agricultural tool and "Make Art" with that which escapes us." Bales of hay do not escape anyone. They are immobile. Please do not "Make Art" with them.

Rating: Worth looking elsewhere