Virgilio Ferreira

Virgilio Ferreira, Uncanny Places Virgilio Ferreira is a Portugese photographer who is fond of experimenting with focus, or the lack thereof. His previous series, Daily Pilgrims, was a series of 'portraits' in which the subject is blurred and the background in focus (the series is currently on show at the Museu da Imagem in Braga, Portugal). In his latest ongoing series, Uncanny Places, Ferreira has experimented with a new technique involving two exposures of the same subject in quick succession (no digitalism involved, medium format film only). His aim "is to create a notion of continuity between “there” and “here”, where two points in time overlap in the same place."  The images are unsettling and he certainly achieves the "strangeness" he is aiming for. Ferreira is a conceptual photographer and, while his ideas do not always execute perfectly, there are some interesting photographic adventures to be had in his world.