A bad father... and a Japanese giveaway

I have just realised that eyecurious turned 1... about 3 weeks ago. I have never been good at remembering birthdays (thank you Facebook for stepping in to fill that breach), but to forget your own offspring's birthday is a little unforgiveable. I thought I would use this momentous occasion to ask you readers if there is anything you would like more or less of on eyecurious. More book or exhibition reviews? Less random musings on the state/future of photography? More info on lesser known photographers? Please put your ideas in the comments... all suggestions are welcome! I will be picking one commenter at random to give away a little package of Japanese photographic goodness. This won't be anything too fancy but it will include a few publications on different photographers. I will pick a winner on Monday 26th April (please provide your email address when commenting so I can get in touch).