The mus-mus @Paris project

celineclanetThe mysterious mus-mus collective have just launched their @Paris project online. The project was based on the idea of finding out how photographers today see Paris and think about the Paris they see." There are some big names in here (Stephen Shore, Alec Soth) but also a lot of discoveries. I did find a lot of interesting material (Céline Clanet's image above is a favourite), but overall I felt slightly frustrated. Paris has become a difficult city to photograph because of its past, but for me, as a group, these photographs did not sufficiently get under the skin of the city. The website also includes texts by Darius Himes and Ulrich Baer, which are worth a read.

mus-mus @Paris project

It seems like Paris may be having a bit of a revival as a photographic subject with Eggleston's Paris commission for the Fondation Cartier and now this: mus-mus, the mysterious people behind the @600 project, are back with the @Paris project. As for @600, this project will collect images of Paris by photographers from all over the world taken any time before 14 July 2009.  For the jury they have managed to secure the services of Stephen Shore and Gil Blank. (via Mrs Deane)